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The Nutrition Business Growth Programme is Zest4life’s signature, fully supported business mentoring programme, and is our most popular programme. 

You have spent time and money becoming qualified to work in this exciting profession and now is the time to learn exactly how to build a successful and commercially viable business.


If you have never started a business before, it can be daunting and overwhelming. In much the same way as you learnt from Nutrition experts to gain your qualification, it is wise to invest in learning from Nutrition Business experts on how to build a profitable practice, rather than leaving it to chance. 


Our Business Growth Programme includes everything you need to build a really successful and commercially viable practice that reflects who you want to work with and how you want to practice.


The Nutrition Business Growth Programme


12 months +

Entry Requirements:

This is our signature fully supported programme open to qualified Nutrition Professionals and students coming to the end of their studies.


Anytime, subject to space


Cost: See Prospectus

Due to the high level of support you receive, places for this programme are limited. Please book a free Strategy Session to benefit from some free business coaching and to discuss joining this programme.

Programme Content

The Business Growth Programme saves you so much time so you can reach your financial targets much more quickly and gain absolute clarity on what you need to do - feelings of overwhelm will be a thing of the past as you will have the right, personalised expert support every step of the way, helping you get clear on your priority actions and giving you some accountability to get them done too!

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Welcome Orientation


To start off with, you'll have a one-to-one session with our Programme Manager, who'll show you around your programme content and where to start!

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Live Training

& Events Calendar

You will find a range of different events each month to choose from, for whatever stage of business you’re at.






Expert Reviews of your website, marketing messages and materials, offering constructive business feedback.



12 Month Business Vision & Strategy Session

Your initial Session will be with one of our Senior Strategy Coaches who will help you map out your 12 month Business Vision & Strategy.

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4 Week


14 Masterclass options will support every step of your business journey and include Expert Sales Skills, Online Programmes, Websites, Social Media, Giving Talks and more

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profile & promotion

You’ll have your own professional profile, featured as one of our expert Associate members.





You will create monthly action plans with your own Business Mentor and receive expert coaching plus direct input on your business ideas.

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Nutrition Business  Success Academy

Access our training portal with step by step online business and marketing courses that you can do in your own time, and at your pace!

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Private Facebook Zest Community Group

Your private Zest community: celebrate wins, share stories, ask for advice!

Find out more



Your Resource Centre

Our Marketing Resource Centre is what truly sets Zest apart and is the icing on the cake.  It takes years to build up a library of client and marketing resources – why re-invent the wheel? 

Explore the Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is a unique feature of Zest4life’s Mentoring Programmes, giving you an online platform packed with everything you need to professionally market and grow your business and attract the right clients when you need them;  fresh and original content is created and added to the Resource Centre every month.


Health Coach Training

It can be really difficult to change habits long-term, lifestyle and nutrition habits in particular can often be deeply entrenched, linked to many different emotions and other hidden barriers to success. You will be trained to combine nutrition with coaching as part of your programme with us, this enables you to really stand out from others;  when you're trained in health coaching, you'll be able to help clients unlock their true potential, experience real transformation, and access a new level of motivation to reach their goals.  This can be one of the most transformative trainings you can take part in for your own benefit and that of your clients too.

Portia Hodges
Zest4life Associate

Explore our Masterclasses

Zest4life Marketing Trainer Ailsa Hichens talks about our  Ideal Client In-Action Masterclass – one of the 14 different types of 4 week live Masterclasses, available to those on our Business Growth Programmes.

The step-by-step Business Growth Programme will show you how to create the business of your dreams, attract more clients, create higher profit programmes and step into your full potential, freeing you up to focus on doing what you love.

Follow the steps and you can expect fast results, because you’re given just the right blend of learning, mentoring, confidence building, support, resources, community and connectivity, to become capable of reaching your goals; whether this is to create a part-time income whilst raising your children or to build a multi-faced business earning a 6 figure income, we will help you create your ideal business vision and achieve it.

Success Stories

We have helped thousands of Nutrition Professionals find success in a multitude of different ways, here are just a few…


Debbie Gallimore

"Yesterday I spoke to a potential client who found me via my profile on the Zest4life website.   And she has signed up for my top 10 week package! Thanks Zest!"

Zest4life nutritionist

Sylvia Salvendy

"The Business Growth Programme has transformed my business completely. Marvellous training and support, and my business has thrived because of it."

Zest4life nutritionist

Paul Foley

" For 3 years I'd gone from just getting by to, within 3 months of joining Zest, I've considerably more money coming in and a 2 week waiting list!"

Zest4life Nutritonist

Lisa Fenelon

"Zest4life provide continuous support through training, materials, live webinars and business development days. I would highly recommend this programme."

Zest4life nutritionist

Melanie Gardiner

"The Business Growth Programme pays for itself, Ive just signed up my first ever client at £899, my total turnover today was £1274!"

Zest4life nutritionist

Jennifer Stenfelt

" I've already sold 3 programmes in my first week in August, hitting my financial target for the month!"

" I have really enjoyed my first year with Zest and feel I have grown in many ways including confidence, technical ability, and as a practitioner in general.  I honestly don't think I would have survived 2020 as an NT without Zest.  You all made a huge difference to my life and kept me motivated,  encouraging me and equipping me with the skills to get online, learn how to run Zoom sessions, get involved in the Community Challenge, which really raised my profile locally and again, boosted my confidence.  In a year when I could have easily given up, I positively thrived - so a huge thank you to you all.  You really are all very wonderful people and I feel very blessed and proud to be part of the Zest team.


I need to kick start my motivation again now January is here and start promoting myself on social media once more.  I know Zest's wonderful resources will help me with this."

Adele Appleton

Zest4life Associate


Book your free Business Strategy Call

Zest4life Nutrition Business Success

Are you ready to design the life and business you want?

Book your full 45 minute complimentary session with one of our strategy coaches so we can learn more about what you want to achieve for your business; we will also give you some free coaching and talk you through how our programmes can help you get there.

The Zest4life bursary scheme

At Zest4life we really care about the success and the growth of the Nutrition Profession and each and every member of it and we provide an opportunity for those in need to join the programme on one of our 100% or 50% bursary places.